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April 1 - April 21, 2021



Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Ofelia Meza's avatar
    Ofelia Meza 4/09/2021 1:08 PM
    I do this first thing in the morning. There's so much to be thankful for. 

  • Diane Zuber's avatar
    Diane Zuber 4/08/2021 9:46 AM
    Started out the day with a very healthy breakfast!

  • Ofelia Meza's avatar
    Ofelia Meza 4/08/2021 9:09 AM
    I've been using a 1 gallon water bottle that I use through out the day. 
    Food Buy From a Farmers Market
    What is one food choice that you make, or could make, that would do more good and less harm?

    Chris Gilbert's avatar
    Chris Gilbert 4/08/2021 9:06 AM
    Eliminate sugar in my diet.
    Nature Go for a Daily Walk
    How do you experience your neighborhood or city differently when walking instead of driving?

    Chris Gilbert's avatar
    Chris Gilbert 3/31/2021 12:13 PM
    It seems very relaxing and tesion free. You can remove the stress just by going for a casual walk in the neighborhood. I also find it a great way to meet new people and places of interest in the area.
    Energy Replace Manual Thermostats
    How do you anticipate replacing your thermostats for programmable ones will positively impact your life?

    Chris Gilbert's avatar
    Chris Gilbert 3/31/2021 12:07 PM
    This will automaticly start and control AC durring the non peak times. This will save many dollars and electricity.